Whoa, Dana! 'Homeland' Star Damian Lewis 'Did Not Like' Seeing His TV Daughter Grow Up

After two seasons of being “Homeland’s” resident bratty teenager, Dana Brody (Morgan Saylor) did some serious growing up and rebelling this week, and her TV dad Damian Lewis is not happy about it.

“She has had a flirt with death because she was so depressed, so damaged by it all,” Lewis said of Dana’s suicide attempt that was revealed last week. But when the very sexy events of “Homeland” Season 3’s second episode, “Uh…Oh…Ah,” were brought up, Lewis launched into his disapproving dad-rant about what’s happening to Dana.

(Of course, this only makes us even more excited to finally see the “devastating” Brody reveal that Lewis teased on next week’s “Homeland” …)

Brody is still MIA, but I do not think he’d be OK with what’s going on with Dana. Laundry room sex?! With a potentially super sketchy guy?
I did not like that scene! I did not like that scene at all! I felt very possessive of Morgan … like, “Morgan, you can’t act that scene!” But, of course, Morgan is a lady and she’d hate the suggestion that I think she’s not grown up enough for that, because of course she is. But she’s my baby girl, so I still don’t like to see it.

Now, of course, she’s running around with this guy, who I suspect will turn out to have his own problems. She’s a little rudderless and Jessica isn’t able to look after her the same way. She doesn’t have a father figure in her life anymore, and they had a particular bond, so she’s a good indication of just how broken everything is. The fact that she and Brody can no longer hold together some sort of contact says a lot. That was always something he thought he could fall back on in the show — that their love would be strong enough.

There’s a great reveal in this second episode that all of the things he did share with her about his religious beliefs might have soaked in more than we thought …
Exactly. I think what’s great about Dana as a character is she’s truly liberal. She’s a curious creature and she’s interested in the world around her. She’s not daunted by those things. That’s why she had the foresight and the maturity to accept her father at a time when her mother wasn’t able to do that. And that’s what’s particularly sad now — even she can’t make that step anymore. She can’t make that leap.

Tell us: Are you shocked by Dana’s evolution on “Homeland”?

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