Visual Kei: the new japanese trend exported to the world

NEWS F24: meeting with “An café” a leading band on the visual kei scene. Seen as pop glam rock, this trend has hit the US and Europe with a storm.

What do you think?

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  1. I think they already disbanded so I wouldn’t even call it a hiatus>.>… And they don’t suck, there’s a difference in style so An Cafe just doesn’t suit your tastes. I happen to like Miku’s voice because it sounds different.

  2. Lol @Miku, saying that Americans only stand in the crowd and like them because they look like damn anime characters. all they did was play in damn anime conventions, ofcourse they got the anime fans. I don’t know how I stumbled on this video, but it really made me hate An cafe more then I already did. AND only the anime fans like them because their music SUCKS! They can’t hold a candle to real bands like: NIGHTMARE, GazettE, Kagerou, and VelBet. An cafe should of damn stayed in hiatus!

  3. so basically america sucks because i bet there’s other places that suck to rather then the ones iv been to also i don’t know where you come from but your just one of them “a weirdo” and not the good kind because i love weirdo’s but not you. P.S. remember it isn’t great to be ignorant try learning something from people before you comment. Have a great day now goodbye. 😀

  4. lmfao.. OK so Mr. you you wanna know my opinion on more states rather than California and New York?have no idea where iv been iv only mentioned the places to where i lived but the places i’v visited for some time like Colorado, north Dakota,Florida,Mexico, Ohio, and in central america there’s San Jose and Guatemala trust me all of these places are shit 🙂

  5. im a huge huge HUGE VK fan ive seen an cafe , the gazette, girugamesh when i was 15. but ive gradually started to dislike new vk bands, its all about old shcool visual kei far more original and more shocking back then they used swastickas look at x japans vanishing vision album, i lvoe old shcool vk forever.

  6. If you don’t find any weird or original VK bands,it’s just that you haven’t looked well enough. Vk IS very commercial and does simple stuff that pleases everyone, but you always have bands which aren’t like that. Try any of Eiji’s bands like Codomo A or Sandwich de 120 bun?. Maybe Azafuse…idk, but you do have some original bands around. Kagerou made a variety of stuff and some original songs… But I can’t find any new bands which make different stuff, it’s starting to get all the same…

  7. lmao yep it’s done. unless world war 3 stops the movement of music then i expect vk to die and then be resurrected by some amazing band that comes out of nowhere then slowly turn to shit and die again. One thing i noticed is that the artist signature page of ESP japan’s website has always pretty much been a showcasing of who’s actually worth a damn in vk. Everyone on there is a legit GOOD musician! You see none of the crap vk “artists” even though most of them DO have ESP customs!

  8. Oh i know, i’ve got Dir n grey’s whole discography except for the very first album. But back in the old days of vk it was very experimental. I couldn’t name any of the bands but i’e seen a ton of old vk music vids that were just like “wtfffffffffffff” but in a good way. but these days ur right the current vk is a copy & paste genre when it comes to both looks and sound. I think the Gazette have gotten better over the years, but yeh a lot of their songs are just typical generic vk shit.

  9. um u do no that i was talkig about the two guys in the thumbnail picture right? not an cafe….cuz i love an cafe :P@TheRed343

  10. yeah i’m glad he said it because i wasn’t all that sure if they actually realized it. lmao i sound like such a fan basher but seriously the reality is that the fanbase is damn near filled to the lid with shallow pieces of shit that barely even have an ear for music! they’re all eyes!! that’s why it’s so easy for the shitty vk bands to get their undeserved attention because they just need to look good! is it just me or is it absolute shit? lmfao i’ll never be able to stop ranting about it!!

  11. metal and progressive vk bands, or just plain metal and progressive bands? because i’ve never seen a normal metal concert that didnt have atleast some ppl rocking out. But i could picture it at a vk concert cuz so many just like the bands for how they look whether or not they’re willing to realize it or admit to it! so i can picture them just standing and starring at a vk concert because it’s 90% eye candy to them. which is absolute shit!

  12. LOL i was putting palm to face while watching this too. imo the majority of the fanbase is just soooo lame, and the more lame and easy to please fans there are the more lame bands there are going to be cuz so many will settle for good LOOKING band. really makes me wish i didn’t have any connection to vk. i got into just because it was extreme and experimental to me when i had discovered it. here in america it takes balls to go anywhere looking like that. that + experimental music = badass to me

  13. You’re judging America based on the two biggest cities that don’t even remotely talk for the entire country? Really? Why don’t you try doing to another state, instead of the ones filled with all the weirdos.

  14. the two guys look like shit compared to an cafe……with the damn spikes….goddammit disgrace to visual kei.i swear….jesus christ….

  15. Visual kei is the best influence in the world i don’t care what anyone says. Also “AMERICA” in caps just so you know sucks like shit i use to live in California their all wanna be’s and now i live in N.Y.C no one here have any souls. I guarantee everyone but america’s are lively and yes i’m american. All i’m saying is that somethings that Japanese people or other people say is kinda true…you shouldn’t be offended you should maybe try proving them wrong by idk.. doing something? LMFAO

  16. No Offence guys but I agree with them … out of all the concerts ive been to From Metal to progressive… all they(americans) Do is stand-. – And proof. was based off of experience..

  17. yeah you have a point but it is still offensive. I love Kpop and it pisses me off when people think Taemin is a girl because he isnt. or when people call Ruki a faggot .. they dont have a right to do that. I dont insult their music. I dont insult their “Trey Songz” Im respectful and I would like the same treatment.

  18. Well, I wouldnt kill to go to America, and I would suggest to other people to DONT need to go there the “American dream” is a myth now and has long faded. If you compare my country (The Netherlands) with america, you can easily say we have it better then an average american. You’re country is slowly fading away and China is rising. This is the inevatible change that will come and nothing you can do to stop it.

  19. It has nothing to do with respect to think they are either gay or girls…..Because thats how a person who doesnt know the genre thinks it is. Same goes for metal, in the metal-genre theres alott of infighting between fans saying that metalcore,deathcore isnt metal. While outsiders would just say “Cant hear a difference same noise”.

  20. Jesus christ, they said “Americans just stand there” from personal experience, of course not every single american would, how can you get offended by something they say just from observation on stage? It’s not an insult, so if you’re getting offended then you’re getting offended on behalf of all of America, which you shouldn’t cause it’s true, a lot of people will just stand there.

  21. I’m an american and our country is kinda boring because we don’t have any visual kei influence..if u show a alice nine picture to an american who doesn’t know shit the person will think that they are gays or girls. There is no respect. They like their rihanna and usher and justin bieber not gonna lie I do too. But visual kei rock is better. Well everyone has their own ideas and reactions. Of course that I’m not speaking for each american but still. Is it true

  22. well… I’d suggest that you just leave me alone because you can’t control me and actually… when i get out of college i actually DO plan to move out of the country but trust me… it has NOTHING to do with you… thank you… 🙂

  23. do you know how many people around the world would KILL to be here in America because of how great it is? if not, then i strongly suggest that when you get a chance, get out of my country.

  24. Haha whatever you like I guess but geez if a kid came to school dressed like that I’m telling you they’d get beaten up

  25. o – o Is it pronounced Visual- Key? I thought it was Visual-Kei (Pronounced Visual-Keh)

  26. Stop bitching haters, at least you have the opportunity to see some of the VK bands…
    I find it extremely depressing that Australia has had no influence in this particular area…
    Just a side note, I do believe that this article was meant to condone the industry just subtly. My experience from view is really negative, you’re being presented with a very negatively-skewed point of view, if it doesn’t agree with your beliefs ignore it. Love what you want regardless of what others think
    VK/OK 4EVA

  27. what is visual key???? ITS VISUAL KEI AND AN CAFE IS AWSOME I LOVE KANON i miss bou though Q.Q

  28. Ow Miku that hurts… I love everything about you guys not just the way you dress! The music is so fun and jumpy! I love it!! XD



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