Trend Report: Chanel Fall Nailpolish & Dupes!

My thoughts on the chanel fall nail polishes! Peridot (dupes “Diving in Malaysia” by sephora & “Jaded” ULTA brand Quartz (dupe- Sally Hansen “Time to shine” …

What do you think?

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  1. you are really pretty, and i love your videos! i just found them tonight. check out my channel. you dont have to but id appreciate it. and you seem really nice. and yeah i sunscribed. please keep making videos.

  2. i love “lady like” by essie! In the bottle it comes across as a soft mauve, but on the nails it transforms into a lovely nude color. Nude is a tough color to nail because it can sometimes create that dreaded “mannequin hands” effect. Lady Like has just enough of a pink undertone to prevent the dead look, and just enough taupe to keep it from looking too old lady-ish. To me, this polish is the definition of feminine chic in the most subtle way.

  3. My favorite nail polish right now would have to be Sephora by OPI in Havana Dreams topped with Sephora by OPI in Blasted Silver(: Thanks for having a surprise giveaway! 😀 It’s pretty awesome.

  4. i love rimmel londons “from rags to riches” its a really pretty green its a shimmery almost military green, love it 🙂 also its one of the cheaper brands and it lasts ages 😛 love your videos 🙂

  5. love love love metalics for fall – the chanel peridot is so pretty!!! over all for fall I love deep rich colors nothing to bright – I have been wearing carbonite by revlon almost every day

  6. my favorite nail polish for the fall and for any season would have to be a nice red color! it goes with anything!

  7. my favorite nail polish for fall would be do you lilac it by opi 🙂 not really a fall color at all but i still love it

  8. does anyone know where i can get Diving in Malaysia by sephora? i really want it and i cant find it anywhere



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