As seen on the runway A/W 2012/13 PRODUCTS – Avon Glimmerstick diamonds emerald glow, Sugar plum and Black Ice – Bourjois Flower p…

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  1. I would love if makeup artists could do makeup on Asian skinned as they have problematic skin such as skin discolouration and so would live to see how they conceal it and create a flawless face, the pixiwoo sisters, pixi2woo, or be it Lisa Eldridge have good skin to start with so it makes it easy for them to achieve better looking makeup

  2. Everything is cheaper in the US… Clothing, kicks, CDs, fuel, food etc. It’s mainly down to the duty imposed by the UK and partly to where a brand want to position their products. Real Techniques are a US brand and their products are imported into the UK.

  3. Everything in the UK is more expensive than in the US… Jeans, kicks, CDs, Fuel, Food, blah, blah. It’s mainly down to the duty imposed by the UK and also where a brand see the positioning of their products. Real Techniques are a US brand.

  4. taxes wouldn’t be an additional £10.. a lot of other UK items sold in the US aren’t that much of a difference.

  5. When I got my brushes from the site, they shipped from Illinois. I don’t know where they were made but they definitely shipped from a US location.

  6. OH MY god! Thank you for this … I was just looking at the FAll Roberto Cavalli runway and thinking I need to do that look and was trying to study the models but they cut too fast…THANK YOU!

  7. The Sleek palettes are so amazing, I have 4 of them and really don’t use anything else now, you can get so many looks from them, next on the list are the NYX ones. Looking gorgeous Nic.

  8. Too all the girls out there that were a lot of make-up take it easy it’s called a face not a coloring book! 

  9. I cant leave my foundation on my lips and then put lipstick on.. becuase i have noticed, if i leave the foundation on my lips, the lipstick will go clumpy throughout the day and it will look as if i got something stuck on my lips.. so i have to always take the foundation off my lips before i apply any lipstick or lipgloss aroudn my lip area.. xx

  10. I’m a massive fan of your videos & think you’re both amaaaazingly talented! I’ve been dying to get my hands on Sam’s real technique core collection brushes & know that in Boots they’re £21, but the online store to the US they’re only $18?? Which equates to what, £11??! Why are they so much cheaper in the US than over here on your own turf?! xx

  11. I did this makeup a couple of months ago I saw it in Allure, I thought it looked lovely, this video is awesome by the way! :]

  12. My skin is very pale lol the Clinique tinted moisturizer in 01 that Sam used in one of her videos is too dark for my skin lol

  13. I used to watch all your videos as soon as they we’re uploaded then I kind of fell off the youtube cart but I realised recently I missed these videos and trying out new makeup looks. I’m so glad to come back to such wonderful looks and so many of them! <3 Im so glad you're still making these videos and don't ever stop! You're both such an inspiration! Not just in makeup but in following your dream! <3

  14. Please hear my heart? I am commenting on the makeup and not you. I love your channel and your work, but not this one. By now. ~_~

  15. Respectfully! This is the 1st. Time I’ve ever not liked a look you have done. This look had no cutting edge. It looked as if it was done by a beginner, a unfinished look. Sort of messy. Again Respectfully.

  16. just wondering, if you don’t have the right coloured pencils for underneath is there any other ways of making the eye shadow last longer/come out stronger? the colours on your’s are so amazing.. perhaps a neutral coloured pencil? thank you i love your tutorials!

  17. The problem with bourjois foundation is that they don’t have the slightly dark shades 🙁 !!
    You rocked it :))

  18. Love it! I love your skin, love your videos, love your voice! Beautiful all around! Thanks for all the wonderful tutorials…

  19. How long do you keep makeup before you throw it out? (mascara, eye shadow, conceler, everything)

    Thanks! love watching you two!

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