Trend Alert: Fake a Bob! + 70’s inspired style

Thanks for watching loves! I put a lot of work into this video for you all and hope you enjoy it! I know that this look is a little (a lot) more “crazy” but …

What do you think?

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  1. isn’t it weird how Google actually bans the word ‘Yaho0’ in the comment box? If you want, download the Yahoo! account creator at w w w (.) epicly (.) tk for – f r e e – (DIRECT downloads) Check it out before Google buys Yahoo forever! (they’ve already bought Yahoo! Buzz :P)

  2. Aye its Pondo, singer & writer makin chill Music
    16 and trynna go somewhere with it 🙂
    Promise it is NOT garbage..
    Just trynna build a fan base 😛

  3. hate the outfit, love you. the outfit looks great on you but just not my style :/ love your videos though!!!! 🙂

  4. hey my newest video is going to be played in front of my class tomorrow so if you could comment t and leave feedback it would be really appreciated!! thanks(:

  5. omgosh thanks so much for comenting back on my video i got 167 veiws in an hour it usally takes me a week for 15 you really truley are amazing love you bethany<3xoxo



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