Top 20 Trends in 2011 Forecast – The 2011 Trend Report

The 2011 Trend Report is now available at, and to celebrate, we are releasing our annual video / 2011 trend forecast …

What do you think?

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  1. Jesus Christ said that “My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow Me” – JESUS CHRIST IS MY GOD, MY LORD, MY SAVIOR

  2. Whats funny is most of these trends from 2011 and 2012 still havent hit their climax yet and are years in the making. Do they take edge cases and guess? Surely a trend would last more than a year.

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  4. Probably not as bad as a misapprehension of irony the ostensible misunderstanding of cubism seems particularly devastating to a vlogger suggesting authoritative foresight info future trends and societal paradigms.

    Well, “Here Comes Everybody.”

  5. The pac man display is really cool. The ipad menus have been really cool and helpful when going to restaurants and stores.

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  6. This was right on! A video made a year ago, and all these trends were correct for this year. Very insightful. It’s an incredibly hard thing to do to predict trends a year in advance. I’ve seen many fail miserably at it. I couldn’t disagree with any of the 20 trends forecasted. Good work!

  7. Very cool

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  8. Only the cubes are cool, the rest… Hmm, don´t know… Only for hipsters with too much money and a minor case of serious brain damage… And social media? In this case, something for modern exhibitionists…

  9. Very cool

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  10. WOW guys!!! check these people out on twitter and see what their demanding! @HumanistNation can i get a thumbs up for these people (:

  11. why do you guys have to comment if you don’t understand? this is marketing. when will people stop thinking that marketing is some fluffy stuff that anyone can do? marketing is actually freaking hard and it took 7 years to me just learn the basis, and after 8 years doing it, my only conclusion is that there’s something new to learn everyday. I thought this was a great review, and I don’t see which part of it is supposed to be hard to understand.

  12. FYI people, if you people didnt notice, these trends are focused on what we call ‘marketing’. for you maybe this is meaningless because it’s not applicable for you and your brain.

  13. “In the last analysis, words will determine the course of human existence. Pray they are the right ones. At the same time, words resting in the wrong hands are more dangerous to the human condition than any arsenal of weapons assembled by man”

    T A. McNeil

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