'The X Factor': Teen Carlos Guevara Overcomes Tourette's Syndrome To Blow Judges Away (VIDEO)

It’s a shame that nobody’s watching anymore, because “The X Factor” is finding some pretty amazing talent already in its third season. In 16-year-old high school student Carlos Guevara, they found both an impressive vocal talent, as well as an inspirational story. And if there’s one thing singing competitions love almost more than singing talent, it’s inspirational stories.

Carlos has Tourette’s Syndrome, meaning he suffers from involuntary motor and vocal tics. Things have gotten so severe, that the class vice-president and football player had to withdraw from his high school. But he hasn’t given up on his dream, and had the support of a ton of family and friends backstage. He also quickly won over the audience with his story.

“They tried every medicine in the book, and the only thing that could help me was music,” Carlos said, before taking on John Mayer’s “Gravity.” In the middle of his performance, the teen muttered, “This is amazing,” which only endeared him that much more to the panel and crowd. Wetpaint’s Julia Wayne said that he pulled on her heartstrings so much she wanted to “full-on adopt him.”

With four easy “Yes” votes, he was on to the next round. Buddy TV’s Esther Gim was an instant fan as well. “As if I’m already trying to pretend I’m not crying, a big group of his friends has come to support him,” she wrote. “I can’t believe that the kid I thought was just nervous in the beginning is this confident singer with a unique and smooth voice.”

The audition rounds of “The X Factor” continue on Fox, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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