'The X Factor' Season 3: New Judge Kelly Rowland Talks Stand-Out Contestants, Working With Simon Cowell (VIDEO)

“The X Factor” is back for Season 3 (two-night premiere Wed., Sept. 11 and Thurs., Sept. 12 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox), and new judge Kelly Rowland says “the talent this season is nothing short of amazing.”

Watch our interview with Rowland, above, to hear more about the talent, including a female contestant with “one of the most amazing voices,” up there with Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Gladys Knight. That’s extremely high praise! But it’s not just the ladies who impress. “We’ve got gems in each category,” Rowland insists.

As for her particular judging style, Rowland says she brings honesty to the table, but is still there to have fun. “I’m very honest, I’m constructive, and firm … I think it’s important to be constructive when it comes to criticism with people … and have a good time!”

And then there’s Simon Cowell. What’s it like judging alongside her new boss? “There are no words for Simon,” Rowland says. “All three of us actually put Simon in his place. I think sometimes he’s probably thinking to himself, ‘What was I thinking with three women up here?’ But I think it was a great decision.”

“The X Factor” two-night premiere airs Wed., Sept. 11 and Thurs., Sept. 12 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

Tell us: Are you excited to see Kelly and the new judging panel on this season of “The X Factor”?

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