'The X Factor': Paulino Rubio Second Guesses One Of Her Eliminations (VIDEO)

It was Paulino Rubio’s turn to narrow down her remaining ten boys to her final four on “The X Factor.” But she was clearly struggling with these tough decisions. Especially after she followed the example set last week and filled her four chairs before hearing all of the acts perform. That meant she had to send someone home from a chair any time someone better came along.

The biggest reaction of the night came when she sent Tim Olstad packing. Kelly Rowland shouted, “What!?” The crowd went wild with booing and even started chanting, “Bring back Tim!”

Mario Lopez pointed out the controversy that she had created, and then Paulino had a change of heart. “I don’t care what they’re saying here, but I care what I feel,” she said. “I need to be true with myself. I want Tim back.”

So did she cave to the pressure or follow her gut? We may never know. But Buddy TV’s John Kubicek was suspicious of that audience reaction. “The audience then starts cheering ‘Bring back Tim,’ which just makes me even more suspicious that this whole thing is manufactured by the show to cause maximum drama,” he wrote. “This is the moment I lose any and all respect for Paulina and the show. If you’re going to be manipulated by the audience, own it.

Over at The Hollywood Reporter, Sophie Schillaci was grateful for the switch, as she felt it brought some much-needed drama to what has otherwise been a boring show. Will there be more drama tomorrow night when Simon Cowell finalizes his final four in the groups category?

After Thursday night’s episode, “The X Factor” returns to Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox after the baseball playoffs on October 29.

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