The Wrap Dress: Fashion Trend

A classic trend that is sure to never go out of style. The wrap dress can be worn to school, work, a date, or everyday daily activities! http://www.euchantet…

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  1. You have big busts. ): I am flat chested. The dress looks kinda a V-cut so I suppose it will really be hard for flat chested people to wear…

  2. I really have no idea why my camera made me look this light. I shot this video right after my MAC Friends and Family Haul video and I look sort of my normal color there.

  3. aw thats great to hear! try going into a department store where they will have a large variety. I personally love prints for wrap dresses but plain designs are also good 🙂 its really whatever catches your eye!

  4. hi.

    i want to get my first wrap dress so any suggestions on where i should get it at or what it should look like?

  5. I think it was really cool how you also added a cheaper dress in this video for anyone on a budget

  6. Diane von Furstenberg was one amazing woman for creating this dress 🙂
    I love both of them, and they especially look great on you!



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