The latest penis trend from Suriname

Some men from Suriname are very much concerned with the sexual wellbeing of their female counterparts. That’s why some of them surgically insert small balls …

What do you think?

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  1. waarop slaat dat als je niets beters hebt te doen ga koulo blaka tollie in je bil ontvangen dan ben je tenmisnste bruikbaar in de maatschapij

  2. One of my female friends said she was about to hook up with a guy with that had these balls. She thought he has some type of STD or cyst and she refused to have sex with him and he tried explaining it was balls implanted. My friend never heard of it so She thought he was making it up. She told me about it and I was like yeah i never heard of it either until i searched it on google and now i am here. I don’t know why these guys want a lumpy penis. Makes people think you have a STD. lol

  3. JA, het is een trend die groot werd in de jaren 90. De mannen die ik ken vertellen positieve verhalen over de balletjes. Voorheen gebruikte men kogels uit kogellagers en andere onderdelen van auto’s en vrachtwagens.

  4. Quite informative and disgusting. You don’t need enhancement aid like this if you’re confident and contented what mother nature has given you.

  5. Yes. The Surinam people in this video talk Dutch! I’m from Surinam too, so I know..

  6. HAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAH there’s seriously a documentary about the Penises of Surinamese men xD !! Big up Sranang !! hahaah



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