Sting On Justin Bieber: 'It's Like He's In Free Fall'

Sting is the latest seasoned musician to raise questions about Justin Bieber’s stability, saying the 19-year-old singer is in “free fall.”

“Fame and ego and money can do terrible things. I know it’s a cliche, but you still see people going through it,” Sting, 61, told The Guardian. “Look at Justin Bieber — it’s like he’s in free fall. I just hope he survives it because a lot of people don’t. If I could give any advice to young musicians, it would be this: Just try and enjoy it, because that truly explosive bit doesn’t last forever.”

Sting’s comments seem to come more from a place of concern than one of admonishment, unlike, perhaps, Jon Bon Jovi’s or Olivia Wilde’s remarks about the singer.

In addition to calling Bieber an “a–hole” for starting concerts late, Bon Jovi offered this advice to the singer: “Take him home, get out of the media, go sit home on a beach somewhere, get your head back together and know that your world will still exist when you’re rested.”

[via The Guardian]

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