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  1. when i said bitches i was hoping ppl who read it would go yeah i was kinda mean. but i didnt necesarelly mean it to everyone! most of the comments were mean and i could pick out the ones who were sticking up fo megan! i love megan! bitches is just i word i used to catch ppls attention and go yeah i guess! i didnt mean like everyone who commented is a fricken bitch cause tehy commented! that would make me a bitch in 2 ways! yeah srry, i should of re-worded it! xo

  2. are you kidding me your freaking 12 you dont know what your talking about we live in an economy  people rise and fall and some people have more money then other it dooesnt mean there spoiled just well off so get your act together and grow up

  3. These are so cute I’m going to try one of these and your little sister is so cute! I have a little sister that’s 9 too:)

  4. Omg all I said is that shezz a little chunky not shez a phat pig god deam ppl y’all exadurated I never said shez u gly shezz really pretty

  5. awww u guyss r soo cute ur little sister is soo cute 2 and can u convince molly 2 do other beauty things again im really srry for wut ppl said about herr

  6. megan, please do a back-to-school fashion video.
    i miss your old fashion videos, and if you do one for back to school, im sure it will be useful to many(:

  7. That was the cutest video! You and your sisters are adorable, you all are SO SO SO pretty!!!!!!!!!:)

  8. @MrA713 you’re an idiot. @meganheartsmakeup is beautiful and she looks healthy. if anything, she needs to gain weight, but she is perfect the way she is. get off her channel if you cant say anything nice. take a look in the mirror and do some praying if this is something you enjoy doing

  9. I bet you would look great!!! And to me, no one can “pull something off”, go for it!!!! You would look amazing(:

  10. That’s not very nice to say. Megan makes videos for us to enjoy, if your not going to write something nice, don’t write anything at all. Thankyou.



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