side boobs: boycrazy trend report 2010

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  1. m tired of chicks tryin to give shitty tips on internet. get a life, internet is only makin u look dumber by the minute.

  2. 24 People DISLIKE SideBoob? WTF? Who in their RIGHT mind could NOT liek Boobs? I mean shit!

    Ohh…and Alexi.. you dont hafta show just side-boob….your hott enough to get away with All-Boob! F**K the Haterz! Give the B O O B s their freedom!
    ( @ )( @ ) EveryOneLovesBoobs! if not GET OUT!

  3. I Love the SideBoob..!.i was born in ’60, and as a kid in the seventies, it was all about The Braless Nipps…so… if SideBoob makes a hit , Im all for it, cause the days of pretty braless nipples as far and wide as the eye can see, well, theyre over, and will only live forever in my memories and Farahh Fawcett wall poster. know I have nothing but love for you, you rock your sideboob! IN THE BROAD DAYLIGHT! Yeah! To HELL with that whole ‘waitin til it gets dark “n the black bra!

  4. I get turned on just watching the Onstar commercial and now THIS?! I think my heart just learned how to do a Judo Chop on the inside of my chest cavity…. thanks for almost killing me O_o



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