Runway Trend: Jeremy Scott Fall 2011 Makeup Tutorial


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  1. Wow. Extreme on color for real P: And to the woman who said she would go shopping in this look, What?! Are you from the movie ‘The Hunger Games’? What kind of person would do that to themselves…

  2. you are very talented. i just found you and am blown away by your talent. so young too. keep the videos coming please!!!!

  3. oh! she is saying arabic I thought she was saying a rabbit. I was like I never saw a rabbit with blue eyeliner on but if NIkki says it I believe it.

  4. I think if you would have made a “fake crease” a little higher up, it would have helped a bit 🙂 love this look! So gorgeous! Love you Nikki! Xoxo

  5. @dirtybirdy1985 As a makeup artist, I see amazing talent and stunning attention to detail. I’m sorry that people think she looks absolutely stunning; she’s a talented woman, give her that. She’s beautiful inside and out; with or without makeup. It’s self-expression, dude, and as a makeup artist this bums me out to see such negativity.

  6. No shit she’s not American. My point was that I keep hearing it pronounced in a bunch of different ways, and I’m not sure what the “correct” way of saying it is, if there is an correct way. Plus I’m sure she’s capable of saying the word “hot” so I don’t think it has to do with an accent. Jeez no need to get your panties in a bunch over my comment. 



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