Retro Revival – Modern Ways to Recreate the Past – TREND HUNTER TV – High School Musical meets Grease, advertising with dead celebs and history through LEGO. Today we hunt: Retro Revival 10. Mak…

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  1. I love Kate Beckinsale but most of this stuff is dumb. Lego pop-art?… how original (sarcasm). There’s soo much depth to using indexical products of pop-culture to represent other pop-cultural products! (more sarcasm)
    Way to steal someone else’s concept and make a benign statement with it!

  2. Skeletor as Audrey Hepburn? Why not have Rosie O’Donnel as Jabba The Hutt as well too? Ha ha.

    Scarlett Johansson and Julia Roberts’ prtraits are beautiful though. And Kate Beckinsale looks angelic as Jackie.

  3. ok seriously! wtf is with all these trashy girls trying to think that they are anything like Marilyn Monroe? one big factor is she was CLASSY.



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