Relient K- This Week The Trend

And this week the trend was to not wake up till 3pm I picked the few conscious hours that I chose to spend and slept away the rest of them and this week the …

What do you think?

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  1. most definitely… I could listen to it for hours on end, especially This Week the Trend and High of 75

  2. Just as they broke into the mainstream, band members left and they gained others.. they’ve never been quite as good since.

  3. Check out my cover of “When I Go Down” by Relient K: /watch?v=Hh5YbP9YAQM … I hope you like it!!

  4. I’d assert that with many of their songs, particularly on this album, it doesn’t necessarily have to have a Christian interpretation. I read it as such, but I’m pretty sure that kind of ambiguity it what they intended. It’s one of the things I like about them: rather than bashing you over the head with it, they let you make the choice, which is–in itself–a comment on the inherent nature of faith.

  5. Ah, after going through Relient k withdrawal, it’s good to be back and loving this stuff like I did in 8th grade. ^_^

  6. ok girl that doesnt even know me. doing drugs doesnt make me cool, i was in no way implying that. i was half agreeing with that person and then saying that just b/c you do drugs doesnt put you to a certain type of music.



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