Picking the 2013 Best Driver’s Car!

This is it! Come ride shotgun with Motor Trend’s Angus MacKenzie, Carlos Lago and famed race car driver Randy Pobst as they test twelve of the most exciting,…

What do you think?

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  1. Viper is a beast and has to stay a beast. I love its raw character, sorry Carlos, don’t agree with you.

  2. This test is ridiculous they haven’t even considered all the options! And instead they included things like the viper?? Everyone knows a car that size won’t handle well!! Just like gieco can yata yata

  3. I have to say, top gear is just more about entertaining people and doing stuff with cars you just wouldn’t expect. And it’s not only for car geeks like we all are or people who’ve got some of these cars here back home, it’s just about fun and entertainment./ Í can totally understand those guys naming the 911 the drivers car ( actually I’m living not far away from where they’re made) but still I’d get the audi, cuz it looks better and it had the best feeling on the track..!


  5. top gear usa has tanner faust (top gear uk is still the best) as to you wanting the stigs opinion watch fifth gear. you clearly miss the point of top gear why would you want to change the only different car show that is not all about stats and figures its about fun there are thousands of auto trader car mag style car shows dont bitch about top gear for being diffident over all each episode is watched just under 1 billion times thats about 17% of the planted

  6. After hearing what people say about the Viper, I feel raw, involving and fun are being used as euphemisms for lethal, suicidal and terrifying.

  7. I’m a die-hard GTR fan, but I have to agree with you. GTR’s are pretty much a computer with an engine. While the SLS may be faster in almost every aspect, I can’t think of any other car that would give you the same rush or be as much fun as a Viper. It’s fast, amazing looking, and actually requires you to drive the car, which is really sad that this is becoming more and more rare in cars these days. Very similar cars though.

  8. I don’t see electric cars taking over that soon, and our entire infrastructure needs reworking before self-driving cars are even a possibility.

  9. I would elaborate more, but the 500 character limit on these posts makes it so that I really have to condense what I want to say.

  10. The Viper would come before the 911 quite simply because it has a manual transmission, very little computer assist, is quite simply faster, and a much more raw and involving experience to drive. The 911 would beat out the GTR because once again, less electronics to get in the way of actually driving the car, as well as a hell of a lot more responsive cornering, and a curb weight that is considerably less than the GTR. The GTR comes in last because it might as well be a heavy computer on wheels.

  11. Out of the cars they tested I have only driven 4 of them and out of those four it would be SLS, Viper, 911, GTR. The reason I feel this way is that this a drivers car competition, which means it’s not about how stylish the car is or what electronics it can cram inside, it’s about the experience and having to drive your car (not having it drive itself)… The SLS would be first because it’s quite simply better than the Viper in almost all areas while being a very similar car. continued next post.

  12. Isn’t it a little silly to give a RWD 911 the win in 2012 and then an AWD version the win in 2013? Kinda negates the point, in my opinion. Unless the idea is to include last year’s winner in the competition, the ever-onward march of 911 variants shouldn’t be allowed to compete every year as separate models.

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  14. Well you are right, but that’s because
    1) Electric cars will take over soon
    2) Self driving cars will take over shortly after that.
    Eventually though maybe there will be less traffic police and restriction on us people hanging onto our classic manual cars.

  15. Well, we will have the GT3 (or whatever new 911), M4, M3 4 door, C7 Corvette Stingray, Camaro Z/28, maybe even an affordable car, Mercedes is coming back, Jaguar F Type Coupe ( maybe with an R or R-S), Ford might come with a new Mustang, Nissan might update the GT-R again, Audi might be back.

    Next year will be AWESOME!

  16. Hmmm… I guess this a totally subjective ranking? How can the Jaguar be #4 and can’t stay straight whereas the viper is excellent in all matters of performance just hard to drive… And be # 12? Makes no logical sense…. Therefore I’d have to throw out the final conclusion as ” just because they said so… Today” oh well … Nice 1 hr spent watching anyway I even if the end result was useless information

  17. Also, GT-R sales are declining because they’ve been out for a while and used ones are popping up at great prices for what the car is. So people are buying those, and Nissan needs to respond in a big, big way without another price increase to keep the GT-R alive.

  18. Um, it’s not my dream to see manuals die. I love them. But what car won? The 911, as always.. and yet.. it had the pdk. Which disproves your theory, at least in this test. But I agree with you that robotic cars do not take skill to drive.

  19. Ok give me a break. Why would u even compare a ford focus to all these sports cars. Might as well throw in a Jeep Wrangler, thats a good drivers car if you go off roading. stupid stupid stupid!!!

  20. I don’t understand your reply. You seem to have said that he had a dream of manual transmissions disappearing. This is the opposite of what he said.



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