Periodic Table Trends: Ionization Energy

Learn more: What an ion is. Using the periodic table to understand how difficult it is to ionize an atom.

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  1. I know I’m really late, but I remember anions are negative because the “an” in anion says “a negative” and the rest is ion so, an anion is a negative ion.

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  3. Today since morning I have been trying to see the videos of khan academy ,but I am not able to see a single one  nor getting a sign in symbol on the site so that I could sign in …’ has wasted my lot of time

  4. If you have an element that is in a lower row, but is more to the right in the table…Which would have the larger ionization energy? For example, Se and Si…

  5. The reason why you people learn better here is not due to your teachers inability to teach but your ability to learn in what circumstances so please dont insult your teachers, who probably tries their hardest to teach ,but you may not try your hardest to learn.

  6. Your are brilliant , you put shame to those chemistry teacher that spend 3 hour explaining. You do it so effortless.

  7. you are amazing. seriously i could spend 10 minutes watching one of your videos and learn more than what my teacher would teach me in a 2 hour class.

  8. Why is it low to high for the transition metals? Don’t they all only have two valence electrons? In addition, if copper has a higher reserve of electrons in its d-shell than nickel, won’t it be more likely to give electrons away, making its ionization energy less than that of nickel?

  9. I’m on the first year of a Nutritional Therapy degree and the chemistry is killing me. You are making it so much easier, thank you very much indeed!!

  10. easy way of remembering Cation and Anion = Cation is Pussytive (positive) and Anion is Anion (which are negative to the eyes)

  11. So which would have more ionization energy then, Strontium or Sodium. And why?
    I believe strontium.. But more than one of my friends keeps telling me i am wrong.

  12. So this ‘guy’ (Li) wants to looses his electron wants to ‘guy’ (Ne) wants to keep his electron……..
    lol best explanation ever 



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