New Christian Spanking Trends: Husbands ‘Discipline’ Wives

A Christian trend sweeping America is that of husbands spanking and punishing their wives as part of Christian Domestic Discipline. –On the Bonus Show: Da…

What do you think?

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  1. Amy Farrah Fowler enjoys a good spanking. Sheldon’s just a little too dense to realize it.

  2. Aye. But for those devout conservative christians a sexual fetish is probably impossible to admit, even to themselves. So they have to come up with a religious excuse.

  3. Seriously. If they like it BDSM style, that’s fine. They should by all means live their desires. But bringing faith into it (and being serious about that connection) and claiming it’s their biblical duty to spank/ get spanked is perv. It’s not a perverted sexuality, but perverted faith.

  4. if she’s having a mental breakdown and being cruel i’m for it. but beyond that just walk away.

  5. Hm allways tha amerikans came with something crazy to make money! First God’s word was given, second God gives you wisdom.

  6. I myself would never do this
    I find it a bit demeaning
    But for those of you who like it and get off on it I say continue on just don’t try to recruit me in this nonsense

  7. Ok can we just get to the truth here, when you push down sexual needs they tend to come out in a perverted way like spanking your wife for discipline but in truth they just want to spank their wives but think its bad! No wonder they
    hate gays they just fear their own gay wants and needs!

  8. I’m 16 and I think husbands should spank their wives. It’s biblical and it keeps them in shape cx

  9. yes it is harsh but after writeing 500 times a sentence- u wiill learn your lesson and never make that mistake again-lol- j/k

  10. Apparently its all about the labels. When you call it “Christian Domestic Discipline” the liberals will treat it as something crazy where you should visit a psychiatrist etc..

    When you call it “BDSM”, the liberals will tell you how its perfectly normal and the hip thing to do.

  11. It is not just men who are into spanking, but women as well. If this spanking goes on I assume that the wife is into it as well, and gets off on it.

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