Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball (Audio)

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  1. I actually like the song, I just find sad that like many others she has given in the “I need to act like a porn star to sell more”. She is talented, she doesn’t need that. Plus she sends that message to her young fans that nudity is ok for the sake of it, even when it is not necessary

  2. This song reminds me of my boyfriend who broke up with making me cry for his forgiveness and wondering why

  3. Big deal u dont like the real vid. U dont need to complain mileys growing up ya know. What she does is her choice

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  5. singers are famous for their voice! they sing, they dont make videos! miley has a good voice and thats all that matters! the point is dont hate her because of her videos, like her because of her voice! like if u agree!

  6. The naked part was one of the lower reasons why I didn’t like it. It’s one thing when a person gets naked it’s another when they make out with hammers and grind on a wrecking ball.(I may understand the grinding on the wrecking ball as some sort of symbolism but not licking the hammer….)

  7. Everyone is so critical of songs. If you don’t like them you don’t have to listen to it y’know.

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  9. his Super jew bitch is supposed to be another Demolition Man like Stallone and what is she destroying? Human Gentiles that have money and position. One by one Miley and the Super jews hit men that make up the Super jew Entertainment industry are enslaving and killing Human Gentiles by the hundred of thousands turning America into a Super jew paradise and a Human Hell country for Human people with small dicks and clits between their legs. Check out Miley’s Clit-less porno videos! How Gross!

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  11. The licking of the hammer is how she still loves him even though he brought her pain. She is still heart broken.

  12. So don’t listen to songs you hate and don’t watch music videos you don’t like, simple as that.

  13. actually, she was interviewed. she said that the licking of the hammer symbolized how she still loved the pain that “he” brought her. although i completely agree. sex definately sells for these up and coming “stars”



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