Mick Jagger Is Going To Be A Great-Grandfather?!?!

Sir Mick Jagger, who is still prancing and dancing a half-century after he first took to the stage in 1962, is about to become a great-grandfather at the age of 70.

Various media outlets reported Saturday that the 21-year-old granddaughter of the Rolling Stones frontman, Assisi Jackson, is expecting a baby in 2014. Assisi has been dating her boyfriend, a chef named Alex, for more than a year.

Jagger has seven children aged between 14 and 42 by four different women, as well as two other grandchildren. Assisi’s mother is Jade, the daughter of Mick and his first wife Bianca.

Obviously Jagger shows no sign of slowing down. In a ranking of concert tours in 2013, the Rolling Stones came out on top.

Just this summer, Jagger and the Rolling Stones were performing in Washington D.C. when the singer threw some shade in the direction of President Barack Obama, who was not in attendance. “I don’t think President Obama is here, but I’m sure he’s listening in,” the rocker told the crowd, according to tweets from the show. The reference to the NSA’s domestic surveillance program apparently resulted in some booing, though it’s unclear if they were voicing discontent at Jagger’s quip or the president himself.

Besides Jagger, other rockers also have seen their families expand in recent years. Rod Stewart, for example, welcomed his first grandchild in 2011.

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