Larry King And Other Celebrities Make 'StarbucksDrakeHands' Videos

Larry King may be 79 years old, but he’s still pretty hip.

He has gotten into the hottest (and weirdest) Internet fad, “StarbucksDrakeHands.” To participate in StarbucksDrakeHands, you just have to take a selfie video of yourself staring seductively into the camera to the Drake song “Hold On We’re Going Home” and upload the video to Instagram. A few days ago, legendary talk show host Larry King made a video of his own:

“StarbucksDrakeHands” started about a week ago, when a man met a girl in Starbucks, got her phone number, and sent her the following selfie video:

The girl’s friend uploaded the video to Instagram, and an Internet sensation was born. Thousands of copycat videos started to pop up on Instagram with the hashtag #StarbucksDrakeHands. King isn’t the only celebrity to participate in the fad, though. Here’s dancer Derek Hough of “Dancing With The Stars” getting in on it:

Here’s Natalie Morales from “The Today Show” trying it out:

Rainn Wilson from “The Office” made one of his own, too:

How much longer until Drake makes one?

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