Jennifer Lawrence Set For 'East Of Eden' With 'Hunger Games' Director Gary Ross

Jennifer Lawrence is nothing if not loyal. According to, Lawrence will reunite with “Hunger Games” director Gary Ross for a new adaptation of “East of Eden,” John Steinbeck’s great American novel that was turned into a film by Elia Kazan in 1955. Ross would take things one step further, splitting Steinbeck’s book into two features.

Per, Lawrence is attached to play Cathy Ames, the wife of the story’s main protagonist. Here’s a little background about Ames, as posted on the Martha Heasly Cox Center For Steinbeck Studies website (part of San Jose State University):

Cathy, one of Steinbeck’s most interesting and controversial characters, is born with what the author describes as “a malformed soul” in a small Massachusetts town (71). From early on, people are both taken and betrayed by her innocent face. She often makes people feel uneasy, though they would not be able to say why. She learns at a young age how to use her sexuality to manipulate people and is a very clever liar. She is the cause of the whipping of two fourteen year old boys and the apparent suicide of one of her school teachers. As a teenager, she murders her parents by setting the family’s home on fire while they slept. Though her body was never found, she too is presumed dead.

She’s not dead, and things actually devolve from there. Ross would become just the latest director to work with Lawrence on multiple occasions. The Best Actress winner has already made two films with David O. Russell, and will have made three features with Francis Lawrence (no relation) after the “Hunger Games” franchise wraps up.

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