Japanese School Girl Trend: Kamehameha’s!!

Dragon Ball Z Kamehameha’s are now popular among Japanese school girls! Enjoyed? Please Like & Subscribe!! Thanks! New Videos DAILY so check back soon!!! Sto…

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  1. I saw the movie and its fucking gay like you and its a fuckin cat and the bunny rabbit is the real animal that’s the strongest bills is piss weak so techynically you go see this or buy it don’t waste your money its DOG SHIT

  2. Errrr….
    Apart from the super distracting constant tossing of your head from left to right, right to left, front to back and back to front…
    What actually does Billy got to do with Kamehameha?

  3. dragonball z ist mein leben von klein auf die möchtegern leute die jetzt ein auf ich bin dragonball fan machen sind lächerlich 😉

  4. Normally, I’d let fad stupidity just go the way of the pet rock. But, this is so offensive to use the name of the first King of the Hawai’i for a childish game. The Lonely One unified the islands of Hawai’i, only to be invaded and now militarily occupied by the US, this newest insult to the genius of the Hawaiians is beyond the pale!!

  5. Dragon ball Z duh use to love it when I was a Kid still watch it some time that last story is so sweet

  6. what the fuck if he has family why was he homeless? unless they kicked em to the curve for being a druggy .they should have had taken him in



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