Ian Somerhalder, 'Mama' June Shannon Are The Same Age

When Ian Somerhalder announced via Instagram that he was preparing to be a grandfather this week, our first thoughts were that the boyish actor seemed way too young for that honor. The “Vampire Diaries” star immediately clarified that he was actually anticipating the birth of eight puppies, not babies. But if he had indeed been referring to his own progeny, he wouldn’t be alone.

“Mama” June Shannon, the matriarch on “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” is the same age as Somerhalder — 34 — and loyal viewers of the hit TLC series will recall that she became a young grandmother when eldest daughter Anna “Chickadee” Shannon gave birth to baby Kaitlyn in Season 1.

For more celebrity pairs who are surprisingly the same age, browse our gallery below.

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