Hydroponic farming sets trend(水耕栽種蔚成風氣)

水耕栽種蔚成風氣(Hydroponic farming sets trend) Be Veg. Go Green. Save the Planet. for more details, (吃素、環保、救地球) Please visit

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  1. i disagree do you realize that without the ozone layer the UV radiation would kill off ALL plant life without oxagen there would be very lttlle life on the planet

  2. Please stop with this ridiculous “save the planet”. Planet is in no danger. It will easily survive even total war with nuclear weapons… It is the people that are in danger. Life on Earth will surely continue even if we kill off 99% of all species. There were massive dyings out already. There is viable challenge to make this planet nice place to live for us. If we pollute it, homo sapiens will have horrible time living here. PLANET will not see the difference.

  3. Regardless of the medium used to grow plants they will still require and suck up water.. So yes nutrient tanks will go down. Aeroponics does use less water, but the plants still take in the same amount and by spraying the water into a mist your encouraging evaporation by making the water particles smaller. If one is truly concerned with water conservation and low cost of nutrients you should try Aquaponics. The only nutrient supplied is fish food and the water is never changed just filtered



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