How to Twerk | Club Dance Moves

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  1. Video was cute and sexy nothing wrong with shaking ur ass a little here and there men like there women to shake there ass for them if not they will turn to a whoe that will

  2. pretty cool literally. my mom got shocked when she received the ipad3 from this website on behalf of me. be mature and do this, your address and mail id is enough to receive ur ipad3. have a try and enjoy 🙂 >->

  3. if your dumb asses don’t like what you see why the HELL!!! are you watching this video, it’s all in how you use this, there is nothing nasty about the human body,it’s how one uses their body. this is simply dance moves for your significant partner. thanks for showing us how to do these moves

  4. I’d heard of twerking, but never knew what it actually was, now I know it’s bitchcraft intended to make people feel sick



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