Hot New Trend: Cuffed Jeans

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  1. thanks for the video and i think you should have worn flats because you could not stand in the heels for long because i noticed that your feet were wobbling.

  2. @AnotherCrunch70
    Gosh your pretty! you always look great in all your tutorials

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  3. this is sooooooo oooollddddd. i use to wear my jeans like this in middle school but not with heels.

  4. i was in mexico city earlier this year and ALOT of girls wear their jeans like this. it was really cute.

  5. if a guy has problems with ur height its his problem not urs, lol there are plenty of gorgeous TALL guys looking for a girl he doesnt have to bend down 2kiss lol i found that out n so will u hun.

  6. ur 5’8? well im 5’7 but for some reason i am so insecure about my height and i wish i had the courage to wear high heels ,i wear low heels..

  7. it looks better when u wear them high…especially if ur tall. i know bc i am 2(5’8) and i wear heels all the time.

  8. i have those shoes…also in black ones..they are so cute, of course now i cant wear them since im pregnant

  9. love the shoes… they r so already tall so i dont wear heels that high but i loveee them.

  10. I grew up in the 80’s, so I think it’s really cool to see those fads and fashions come back in style. We use to call this “pegging” your jeans.

  11. i like the look but on skinny jeans or something slightly fitted. i dont like the katie holmes baggy jeans look with the cuffs.

  12. Oh geez I am getting old. This used to be the style when I was in Junior High. You know you’re getting old when they start repeating trends.


  13. i loveeee the shoes and its a good look but ill probably try it in the spring cuz its too cold out here in jersey for it right now tho, which sux, i wudda sooooo tried it lol



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