This tutorial has been SOOO requested! I hope you like it!!! xoxo Check out last years hot new trend video!!! -My BEAUTY BLOG: ht…

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  1. Omg, I thought she was serious! I was like….uh…..have..have you lost it? It being your mind? Too many nail polish fumes? Huh? That’s awful! Thank god it was a joke….

  2. wow i was just thinking, “ITS NOT EVEN ON HER NAILS HOW IS THAT A NAIL TREND!?” And it was ugly and messy and omg I was totally fooled. HAHA I’m laughing

  3. I am watching this video in like the middle of September and I didnt realize that this video was made on like April 1st. So Im sitting here like what in the world is going on. Like this is not cute! Like why is this a trend! Then when I came to the end of the video I was like ohhhhhhh ok. Gud job! U totally fooled me!

  4. that was so funny! i thought you were totally serious! i was like OH MY GOD! SHE CANT ACTUALLY BE DOING THIS RIGHT NOW! anyway it was a good video.

  5. That is f*cking retarded.(not you, Jenny, but like this nail trend is ridiculous like WTF is wrong with people putting nail polish on your fingers.

  6. i got so worried and confused i was like ‘whaaat? is she serious?’ but then i got to the end and it all made sense, i actually got scared! well done, you fooled me



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