hot celebrity trend braided hairstyles!


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  1. aww its cute how the back of ur neck is white from wearing ur hair down 🙂 u dont need to, u look gorg w it up. thanls for the tut.

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  3. I liked the hair style but the video was a bit dull and I really couldn’t see it well . If u could add some light it would be easier for me to see what’s all happing

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  5. You’re really pretty love the hairstyle I always thought the braids had to be nice n tight but definitely gonna try this soon but I suck at braiding my own hair can only do my daughter’s hair..

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  7. I am going to say apparently people are born in boxes. THERE IS A WHOLE WORLD OUT THERE beyond where you live. Her accent isn’t even that strong.

  8. Love ur accent! I’m from Texas so ur accent sounds like home to me 🙂 thanks for the tutorial!!

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