Hanh’s spring fashion 2010 (trend and tips)

PART 2 black and white print dress- (sponso…

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  1. 1. you should totally model!
    2. you’re absolutely gorgeous
    3. you have the cutest clothings!
    &4. i absolutely LOVE your videos

  2. I was wondering, its still gets cold were i live in the night. I go out in the night time mostly so for those cold nights would a “cowl neck sweater dress” be okay?

  3. i have a question. WHat is the best color to wear if i intend to sweat a lot? and it ruins the whole outfit. I sweat a lot. *in the armpits* So please respond giving me an idea of what is the best color to shop for.

  4. You really have an awesome sense of style! Great job creating trendy outfits with a lot of personality! You rock!:)

  5. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a MAKEUP TUTORIAL on your look!!! or at least tell me what you’re wearing (makeup wise) in your bedroom shots!! much appreciated!

  6. Hi ! My name is Nancy and I am 14 years old. I could to become a model for magazines to win a scholarship and they would pay me $80 an hour. Can you help me what to wear for my interview? And how to walk , etc. This isn’t my ” dream ” but i would love to try, because they need an ” asian ” … and I wear mostly skinny jeans cuz Im really small. and puffy shirts. ANY ?



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