Halle Berry Burns DJ Who Made Racist Comments Comparing Her To Burnt Toast

Photo by Gage Skidmore
Photo by Gage Skidmore
The Oscar-winning actor said on Friday that “it’s ridiculous this type of nonsense is still being broadcasted across airwaves.”

On Friday, Berry called out Rob Lederman, the former morning show host on 97 Rock, on Twitter.

“Disgusting,” she wrote, adding, “It’s ridiculous this type of nonsense is still being broadcasted across airwaves. ALL Black women are beautiful and worthy, Rob Lederman. GTFOH.”

On-air Wednesday morning, Lederman had compared his preferred level of toast crispiness to the skin tones of Berry, Serena Williams and Gayle King as examples.

“I’m very comfortable at the Halle Berry level,” Lederman said. “I need a little mulatto still coming through.”

Lederman’s racist comments went viral after ESPN reporter Marcel Louis-Jacques tweeted about them. As a result, Lederman was canned and two of his on-air colleagues were suspended.

HuffPost reached out to Lederman for comment on Berry’s statement, but he didn’t immediately respond.

Lederman, who introduced his racist comments by saying, “I may get into trouble for this,” did release an official apology, saying he “100% [understands] why people are justifiably angry,” and pledged to do better.

Rob Lederman's apology.

Rob Lederman’s apology.

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