'Grey's Anatomy' Premiere: Callie Moves In With Meredith, Refuses To Talk To Arizona (VIDEO)

On the two-hour premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy,” things took a dark turn in the relationship of Callie and Arizona. With all the death and near-death happening in the hospital, the couple was never able to find the time to talk about Arizona’s infidelity. Frankly, Callie was probably grateful for the distractions, as she had no interest in talking.

Instead, she simply packed up their daughter, Sofia, and herself and decided to stay in a hotel. Meredith wasn’t going to have that, and so the two wound up at Meredith and Derek’s house, ensuring things were as tense as possible for the new parents and their baby.

When Arizona and Callie did talk, it was bitter and ugly. Arizona wanted to talk about what happened, but Callie was still too angry. She didn’t even tell Arizona where she had taken their child, leaving Arizona in a panic until Meredith told her where they were.

“I could’ve called the police on you,” Arizona shouted.

“Okay, now she’s your baby? I had to talk you into even considering having a child,” Callie shot back.

“And I had to talk you into marriage!”

“Yeah, because I knew it would be a mistake. And you know what? It was!”

E! Online’s Tierney Bricker called it a “devastating” breakup. Over at Hollywood Life, Avery Thompson agreed. “These two are wading through some rough waters … Calzona has a long road ahead but I have faith in this couple.”

At this stage, they couldn’t look further apart. If Callie loses enough of her anger to where she’s willing to talk to Arizona about it, maybe they can try to work things out. She’s definitely not there yet.

“Grey’s Anatomy” continues every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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