Garbage as Art – Recycling Garbage Into Awesome – Boost your environmental conscious with this dose of great ideas for recycling garbage into art. Instead of just crumpling up…

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  1. hahaha! let’s see we can recycle your ex-husband into a carpet or have him like a card keeper (you could keep all the cards you don’t use in his **s hahaha!

  2. Closely listen to an Inception dvd made before the January 8thTucson shooting, especially around, “‘Do It.”

  3. He said he can do something out of things nobody wants: I wanna see what he can do with my ex- husband!

  4. very awsome. I always have ideas to make stuff instead of buying it.. inspiring too.
    very cool.!

  5. Yeah, that’s the oddest-looking “dragon” I’ve ever seen. Have you ever seen a dragon that looked so much like a lobster before? XD

  6. if i eat garbage for breakfast, i might as well wear garbage.. oh wait, i do.. and it’s made in china.



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