Gallon Smash Prank Set to Become a Major Internet Trend

Fears US video prank ‘gallon smashing’ is being copied in Britain after teenager is arrested for milk bottle stunt in Poundland. Supermarkets are on alert fo…

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  1. Its America, maybe those stupid sand naggers and Africans shouldn’t choose to live in a desert. Its funny as hell

  2. i do worry about them knocking an elderly person down with a sliding gallon jug, or hitting someone in the head. a teen on a skate board knocked a woman down who i’m working for. she is 90 yrs old and now has a broken wrist and cries every morning trying to get dressed or get breakfast. pranks are ok, but they should be managed.

  3. Just so you know milk is horrible for your brain and its the reason americans are fat as fuck, so they’re actually doing a justice.

  4. fucking kids,they dont know how good they have it,many families cant even affored clean water,plus the store employees have to clean up a mess that Was not on accident meanwhile the store loses money ,and the prank isnt even funny,its fucking stupid,watch jacksomethingfilms at stores,thats.funny and doesnt causw problems

  5. But there are people that have to clean that all up, which is pretty mean to do to them. Also, lights and stuff were being broken, which isn’t right either.



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