First Test: 2011 Ford Mustang GT

MT senior editor Ron Kiino and the Motor Trend staff take the updated 2011 Ford Mustang GT out for some testing including the dyno to see how Ford’s potent n…

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  1. Gosh, that comment wasn’t supposed to be negative in any way.
    Here let me rephrase what I meant.
    Smart mans M3.
    An affordable M3 is more toward what I was getting at.
    40k? Sheesh you can find one for 23k now!
    That’s as affordable as 435HP on a newer car is going to get!

  2. Bitch please(no offense), when I was 19 (4 years ago) i paid 300 a month for full coverage on a base Cavalier, and that was the cheapest rate possible. And no, I had no accidents or speeding tickets to jack my rate up.

  3. insurance on a mustang is actually pretty good, im 19 with an 03 cobra and it’s not much different from my first car which was an explorer

  4. No youre not. You are denying Americans rights to a good compeitor to Camaro. Ford Mustang has always made a good muscle car in Mustang, even with only 225BHP from a 1993GT, they still kept up with 300BHP Camaros.
    And when Camaro took a break from 2003-2009, Mustang preserved the muscle car genre for Camaro to come back to.
    Thank FoMoCo for doing that because w/o a muscle car genre, GM wouldve never resurrected Camaro.

  5. just trying to protect the muscle car genre from fanboys who want to ruin it

    If toyota corolla came in with a weak sloppy frame like a family sedan and put a weak V8 in and called it a muscle car, then everyone bought that POS cause toyota supplied press ringers & they stopped making Camaro & SRT-8s cause everyone was buying the POS, because of fantasy fanboy imagination

    most people would have a problem with that, MUSTANG is 95% fantasy fanboyism, & 5% performance

  6. Damn, you really do have a personal hatred for Fords don’t you? Perhaps if you’d like to compare dick sizes we could drop our pants and start comparing directly? Internet tough guys, you tools never die easy.

  7. Look at you,? being the e-thug now. Pissed off because I am giving you truth to correct your lies?
    Son, I havent heard form you in a week, but you’re still damn funny when your pissed off.
    Ford does hot drop forges the rods too. The heating process isnt enough.
    No machining is done because of the Ford die striking process is so efficient that there is no waste in excess material as conventional wrought forging.
    And check this out, all powdered metal rod caps are cracked.
    Facts are fun!

  8. This kid is an idiot

    Where is the flash from being Hot Forged, or machining to remove it

    anyone can read a paper on sintered rods, but that doesn’t apply to all manufacturers. FORD form presses powder metal with induction heating moving over the form

    SS rods are sintered, then hot forged, creating flash, then the rods get shot peen forged, and then caps are cracked for a better seal
    easier to crack caps with powder metal than extruded rods

  9. You have alot to learn about powdered metal forging.
    All automotive sintered rods must all go thru hot forging.
    Google “comparison of manufacturing connecting rod”
    Go to pg12,read beginning @ end of 4th line:”Ford introduced the first powder hot forged connecting rods in their vehicles with the 1987 Escort.”
    See the word “forged” in this sentence?
    Now go back&read the entire document to see why its called “forging.”

  10. The 5.0L DOHC rods are sintered powdered metal with hot forging. And thousands of these engines use superior powdered metals for additional strength.

    Just say it with me, it’ll make you feel better: “GT sintered rods are also hot drop forged”
    There are absolutely no sintered rods in any car in the world that are not hot drop forged. It is impossible to put sinter-only rods in any car w/o the forging step.

  11. GT rods are so badass that they dont need shot-peening.
    Hennesey is confident to make 650BHP on stock GT sintered rods.
    Here is vid documentation that Ford GT powdered metal rods are badass:
    802 RWHP: yXuCBFVF2XY
    1047 RWHP: aNtPpqeRNrA
    Stock rods taking massive boost: JC7GkT8QExc
    The stock ZL1 rods are Powdered metal, P/N 12604857.This is why Lingenfelter&Hennessy dump them for true forged above 750BHP
    Son, shot peening doth make a powerful car not.

  12. GT has almost exactly the same stroke as SS. GT has almost exactly the same rod length as SS. At 6250RPM (SS redline), GT has almost exactly the same piston speed as SS.
    No additional wear at 6250.
    Also, GT has coated pistons which allow it to rev to 7000RPM reliably w/ little additional wear.
    There are now GTs w/ over 100K mi on them, no wear problems at all. An thousands of 4.6L w/ over 300Kmi, still running reliably.

  13. Insideline messed up. Read their followup blogs. They admitted they tested the GT in 4th gear when it should have been 5th gear (1:1 gear).
    When they tested it in the correct gear, they got the correct result of ~365-375WHP.
    Stop spreading the same lie over and aver again.

  14. Insideline estimated Press ringer test model Mustang GT made 460hp at the crank estimated.
    They also said none of the GT’s bought from dealers made over 365rwhp at peak. this was 2011 GT, some newer ones got 370rwhp
    FORD supplied GT for testing = 460hp
    GT bought from dealer = 411-420hp

  15. Mustang GT uses Sintered Rods made the same way as a 1987 Ford Escort 1.9L rods, Now that’s performance
    Camaro SS starts with Sintered rods, then Hot forges, then Ball peen forge, then crack the caps

    GT has more stroke yet a shorter rod. Stroke is good for HP but really bad on wear, especially when you shorten the rod too
    This cause a steep angle of attack on the cylinder wall, and GT has less wall area to spread the force over, plus higher compression & smaller rod bearings

  16. IN 4th gear, like a little bitch ford owners are afraid to dyno in 5th gear cause the motor bogs and is very weak under 3000rpm
    Your supposed to dyno in OD and GT even has the lightest OD possible 1:1 ratio
    Insideline dyno’d over a dozen GT;s bought from dealer and NONE made over 365rwhp. Press release GT made 395rwhp in 5th gear

    Just to show how stupid your are
    BBK dyno’d a GT every step of tuning & only got 406hp from cold air intake, throttle body, Full exhaust(longtube headers & Xpipe)

  17. Hey dumb dumb, they did not post the RWHP numbers, they corrected for driveline loss and posted engine HP numbers.

  18. JLT went from 369 rwhp to 401 rwhp with a CAI + tune. That’s 32 hp gained over the baseline run.

    Oh WOW, nevermind, it’s fuckin’ crackhead again? Dude, you’re on every mustang video with your ignorance, fuck off kid. Ford didn’t supply a “hopped-up” car LOL what the fuck are you talking about. It was probably cool outside, near sea level. In fact, the elevation of downtown riverside is less than 900 feet above sea level. Do you have any idea how much weather and altitude help/hurt an engine?

  19. Your FULL of IT!
    Insideline DYNO’d this Press Ringer Mustang GT, they said it made 40 more hp than any GT’s they got from the dealer
    Ford ”Suplied” GT made 395rwhp
    Over a dozen GT bought randomly from dealers. NONE made more than 365rwhp on the same DYNO

    Ford got caught supplying a hopped up GT for testing
    Professional tuners have trouble getting 390rwhp from a tune, so you made that up, or let’s see the proof

  20. I have a 2011 Premium, stickered for $35,900, I paid $19,000, I bought as my Daily Driver it had 44,004 miles on it and found out it was never registered, was a former engineer car.

  21. I had mine on the Dyno…ford ..what MONSTER did you put under my hood?.. i’m just a stock 2012 GT. Canadian trim.. and i’m just a hair over 440hp and just a hair under 410lbs of torque. and I haven’t done a THING to it o_o

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  24. i bought a 2011 mustang gt 5.0 in dec of 2010. i take it drag racing all the time. stock tranny and gears work GREAT

  25. Don’t disgrace the M3 like that the Mustang isn’t the poor man’s anything. All it is an American heap of junk on 4 trash can lids lol Ford has been ruining this car for a long time now and I just think with each iteration it looks more and more horrible

  26. “Very bad tranny problems”? I had a 2012 GT MT82, I beat the hell out of that car. Traded for a 2013, 2nd MT82 i’ve owned and I haven’t had any trouble with either. They’re actually really tough. Any problems people are having are caused during assembly by a lazy or drunken worker, i’d bet alot of money on that, because the design is solid. There are guys in the 10’s on the stock MT82 internals. They’ve had to replace the clutch, but still, stock MT82. The tranny isn’t the issue, people are.

  27. Do you have the TSB# for which tranny problem they are having? I can access the fmcdealer site. It just depends on which one you get. Is it TSB 11-11-1? (MT82 MANUAL 6-SPEED TRANSMISSION COLD START SHIFT EFFORT.) If thats one of them, thats a simple fix.



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