Fashion Trend: Shave Off Eyebrows

New Fashion Trend to Shave Off Eyebrows completely. The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows; it was the fashion in Renaissance Florence to shave them off. Tyra Banks S…

What do you think?

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  2. Stop fucking misunderstanding. I never said they shouldn’t do it, it’s not my problem if they actually do it. I just said it’s disturbing and useless. Everyone can do whatever the fuck they like. I am free to have a different opinion, which isn’t necessarily hating. GAF

  3. Because some people don’t like sticking to one shape for every day/week. And really, why do they have to pluck/wax their eyebrows all the time to get their desired shape for the day? You seem to think that just because you wouldn’t do it, others shouldn’t and if you had control, they couldn’t. If they want to, they should be able to fucking do it. Now stop hating.

  4. Because that’s what some people choose to do? You can’t understand that some people choose to do different things with their hair, clothes and other things? I think you’re quite useless.

  5. This is really stupid. You can just reshape them. Why shave them off then drawing them back on? Useless.

  6. I don’t understand the logic of shaving your eyebrows and then shading it with a pencil…

    And I’m a woman.

  7. Why does Tyra keep calling her a “fashion victim”, you can tell the lady (who Tyra convinced to do this in the first place) is getting more and more pissed off as she says it. She is such a humongous BITCH.

  8. THIS! Yes, I totally agree. With a shaved head I’m reminded of Samantha Morton from Minority Report. With hair and brows I’d think those unique features would be masked, but I could be wrong I’m as much -for- brows and I am for not having any. XD

  9. it can look VERY beautiful especially with a buzz cut or even a bald head so there’s absolutely nothing distracting the eyes from the person’s face.

  10. I shaved mine and I LOVE it. As odd as it sounds, it looks -so- beautiful to me. When you look at a face without them, you’re forced to see nothing but the eyes and mouth while admiring the general structure of the face. True, you could do the same WITH brows, but there’s just something so exotic/ethereal/alien about the lack there of. <3

  11. i want to do it… i actually think it looks really good :O i should ask my bf for permission first before i find myself single 😛

  12. I wouldn’t never shave my eyebrows off. Especially if you’re using Whoopi Goldberg as a “fashion” example.



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