Fashion Haul: MINT Trend, Zara Spring Collection, Tory Robinson Purses,etc.

When the weather changes… I have the urge to shop for the new season!!! I’m so glad the sun has been out lately because it has made me feel like a new pers…

What do you think?

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  1. It would make my day if you had time to stop by my channel and check my videos out! Its all about fashion!!

  2. I will once it gets closer to fall/winter. I left the bag at home and I’m now in my apt for school far away. I wear it mostly with everything since it’s a great color. Probably the only color outfit I would NOT pair it with is blue/red.

  3. can you do an ootd with your bag i have the same and i dnt know how to wear it with clothes lol

  4. Guilty for the price that my brother had to spend 😀 I ended up keeping the cobalt one and not the lighter one.

  5. Guilty? Hunn, keep both for yourself ! You deserve it, and you said the blue one was a gift.

  6. Glad you found me 😀 Welcome to my channel and hope to hear from you more in my later videos!!

  7. thanks for sharing your opinion love the light blue one too but i ended up with the cobalt one 😀

  8. OMG u need to check it out now!! They are having their semi annual sale… and they never go on sale. Just twice a year 😀

  9. Hi girls, I have a new channel and would love for you guys to check it out, thanks! 🙂 Sweetpeach071

  10. I did keep the cobalt one and love it!! Agree with you and thank you for your opinion 😀

  11. Aww thank you so much!! I kept the blue one and glad I did 😀 Thanks for the suggestion!!

  12. it use to be great but I agree lately it has not been meeting up to how it use to be. I always check the quality as well as the difference in fabric between the same pants. They are not consistent anymore 🙁 

  13. oh my gosh! u should definitely keep the cobalt blue one!!!! the mint purse looks pretty cute but the blue on is stunning! you can dress up every outfit with it!

  14. Zara has amazing collections but the quality of the clothes is not as amazing as many might think it is

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  16. Ah and you reply!? aren’t you just such a gem!? 🙂 hehe look forward to seeing more videoos!!! ♥

  17. guilty because of the price.. if i kept the one my brother gave me it would mean he loses money hehe but i did ended up keeping that one 😀

  18. Thanks!! I’m obsessed with mint.. not only not, i’ve been since a little girl. Thanks for suggesting the first bag :D



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