Fall Trend: 3D Rita Ora Red Lips!

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  1. This looks a hot mess…why do you draw over your lips. You have full lips, it’s totally unnecessary

  2. I live the look even tho this is a 2012 video it’ll be great for the fall of 2013 also. And people you can give constructive criticism without being a nasty individual with your nasty comments. I don’t wear foundation but I still love her videos. I love the eye tutorials. Tyme can u do a 2013 fall look?

  3. what the fuck .. -__ – ew. bruh .. your face is caked .. and the way you did this tutorial is like –_– gbhdfjkhjk hgjf just what the fuck

  4. I think this is a classic look i love it!!! I reminds me of a beautiful geisha! I Will be trying really soon

  5. I would love to win, because I am new to doing my own makeup. I have recently subscribed to your channel and started watching your tutorials. I hope that I can try out some of what I have watched with the party pallette. I love to party so the party pallette colors will help me achieve the perfect look.

  6. As someone who wears red lips everyday, I absolutely LOVE this! It’s so pretty, and makes a change from wearing basic matte red lips all the time. Can’t wait to try this 🙂

  7. It’s so crazy to see thing I wore as a teenager come back in style. Although I use a more burgundy lip liner. Still cute.

  8. so jealous of your big, luscious lips D: mine are small and thin. I kinda pout a bit to make them look less small. 🙁

  9. I just love your videos… You really know how to keep someone up all night watching toturials and i have really learned a lot from you that the others dont have in their videos and thats perfection i will walk outside wearing all of your make up looks… If i win this party palette i would be overwhelmed becausr i dont enter any contest but i had to try this one.



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