Fall Makeup Trend – Perfect Red Hot Lips

Fall 2009 calls for some Red Hot sexy lips. A short video applying MAC’s LIP ERASE Pale out in Light, a red lip liner, Dubonnet Lipstick… And a lip brush. …

What do you think?

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  1. the “finger test” freaked me out!!! i wasn’t expecting that haha or have i ever heard of that lol

  2. I have a big fat hard throbbing erection watching this. I love to see those dimple things round your mouth when you pout your lips. Its so sexy. You have such a sexy face. I feel like wanking now.

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  4. I see her man in the background… I bet they partied after she putting on her redlips. I know I would’ve. Oh my, the finger test has to be best of the best action in watching this video… Geezz!!! Finger test, please!!

  5. I see her man in the background… I bet they partied after she putting on her redlips. I know I would’ve.

  6. the finger test is to clean all of the lipstick from the inner part of your lips so that you don’t get lipstick on your teeth

  7. Really good video and simple to understand.
    But when i trie to line a little out of my lip line to make my lips look bigger,
    it kinda looks wired. they get this look of bieng fake.

  8. After watching her rich red lips and the finger test. Girl, I am urs 4ever. I so want to meet her. Nice eyes, nice lips, long dark hair, who could ask 4 more.

    The dude behind her was getting ready for those red lips. I know I’m ready.

  9. ummm….does any 1 notice tht guy sitting behind her???? u culd see his feet on ur left <<<< tht way <<

  10. i love color! i have small lips too. so i fill in my lips with a creamy lipstick and gloss. nice lips.

  11. Btw, do u wait a while to put on lipstick after you’ve applied the lip erase? Is there a correct way to use the lip erase? Thanks!

  12. I am loving this song!!! My dad used to jam to this group! I love the lips btw! Thanks 4 the video! 5 Stars!! Aloha!



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