'Entourage' Movie Delays Reported As Director Doug Ellin Says He's 'Not Optimistic' About Feature

No victory: According to the New York Post, plans for the “Entourage” movie have hit significant delays because of drawn-out contract negotiations with the cast.

The Post’s Page Six notes that filming on the feature version of the popular HBO series was supposed to begin in May of this year, but that date was blown when key cast members Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven and Jerry Ferrara could not reach agreements to star. (Piven, apparently, just signed on at the end of August.)

None of this, unfortunately, should be too surprising to “Entourage” fans, especially those who follow series creator and the film’s writer-director, Doug Ellin, on Twitter. Back in August, Ellin alluded to the difficulty of making an “Entourage” movie in a Twitter conversation with cast member Kevin Connolly:

Ellin, who frequently engages with the “Entourage” cast on Twitter, has made no mention of the Page Six report regarding contract issues. He has, however, acknowledged that the movie could be in big trouble:

The “Entourage” movie became official back in January of this year. It was initially expected to arrive in theaters sometime in the spring of 2014.

“Making movies is hard. It’s going to take some time. I know you’re anxious,” Grenier, who played Vincent Chase on “Entourage,” told HuffPost Live back in April. “I am too.”

For more on the “Entourage” movie, head to Page Six.

[via NYP/Page Six]

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