Electrolytic Metal Etching setup and marking demonstration

A short demonstration from on setting up and using the electrochemical metal marking system, used to permanently etch metal pr…

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  1. Hello,
    what technique/apparatus would you recommend me to highlight microstructure of pure platinum and I wonder it will be successful highlight of the microstructure of platinum if the components that will be etched are prepared as microsection ?

  2. I from US, can buy from you 🙁 …but I saw online at US they sell the blue stencils …

    If you dnt mind, can you let me know, how to print/add logo/message onto blue stencils … before I can do like video clip … Please. Thanks frist

  3. Good question! There are a few different stencil types. The most popular are pre-made stencils which we make according to your design on a special material which lasts maybe 1000-3000 etches. To make stencils yourselves, we have a disposable material to print with a dot-matrix printer, but quality isn’t the same as our high-res stencils. Then there is a handheld printer to make disposable stencils (mainly text/numbers). See trendmarking . com . au / metal-etching-stencils for extra info.

  4. The settings you use depends on the size of the mark, on the material you are marking and the electrolyte you are using. It does vary a bit, although for many materials the setting remains the same and only the technique varies. The etching system comes with detailed instructions and a guide on the correct settings to select in order to obtain an optimum mark. There is then a bit of fine-tuning to suit the individual application but that is mainly done by the operator at the time.

  5. “como posso comprar um stencil personalizado”
    > how can I buy a custom stencil
    Well – that depends on where you are! The easiest thing to do is to contact us through our trendmarking website. We’ll then put you in touch with a local representative! Easy!

  6. Feel free to contact us via our website (see video description) with your requirements and we will assist you further with the manufacture and supply of a customised permanent stencil, able to be re-used thousands of times each.

  7. Well – that’s easy enough. Just go to our website and send through an inquiry. We’ll forward your request through to your local distributor who can get in contact and figure out what you need. Hey, glad you liked the video! Cheers! 

  8. Yes, these units are quite good and we have supplied a number of models to various companies – to suit their particular application.
    We suggest the best way is for you to visit our website and fill out an enquiry form so we can respond accordingly.

  9. What will happen if you use this on a piece of metal, then apply another finish over the piece, such as hot caustic bluing? Will the etching still be clear & visible?



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