'Duck Dynasty': John Luke Channels 'David After Dentist' Viral Video (VIDEO)

Duck Dynasty” went viral this week when Willie and Korie took their son John Luke for a wisdom teeth removal. They even titled the episode “John Luke After Dentist” in a clear nod to the now-classic viral video, “David After Dentist.”

Just like little David, John Luke was absolutely out of it after his procedure, leading to some rather bizarre comments and noises. He said all kinds of nonsensical things, like, “Hungry fella?” and “Just for funzies.” He also said he had “eagle powers,” squirted water from a spray gun all over the office, told his mom he was “hungry for love,” told the doctor to “bend over,” and repeated the phrase “bumblebee tuna” over and over again.

“There’s a lot of reasons not to do drugs, kids,” Willie said while witnessing this wacky display. And Korie caught it all on her camera phone — because apparently the professional cameras filming the show weren’t enough?

Over at Channel Guide Magazine, Stacey Harrison loved the mash-up of John Luke’s post-procedure weirdness, but Penn Live’s Marcus Schneck wasn’t feeling it at all, saying that it felt like a rip-off of David’s after-dentist video. “Was tonight the ‘jump the shark’ moment for America’s No. 1 reality show,” he wondered. “That point when the producers or the director or someone behind the camera over-scripted too much of the show?”

“Duck Dynasty” continues every Wednesday night at 10 p.m. ET on A&E.

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