Drake's 'Wu-Tang Forever' Is Way More Drake Than Wu-Tang (AUDIO)

Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever” song hit the web Thursday evening, just as a massive thunderstorm sent New Yorkers scurrying for cover. I was stuck somewhere with nothing better to do than to listen to the track a few times, and here’s what I noticed about the song as lightning lit up the sky and the sound of a million teary Drake fans whimpering cracked through the night.

1. Drake’s still seemingly unable to have sex without feeling conflicted. That might seem endearing, except the woman he’s having sex with in “Wu-Tang Forever” is (of course) your girlfriend. They’re just doing it “out of spite.”

2. Drake’s ready to flex on those who are less fortunate than him, but he’s still not quite going full blast. Here’s his biggest boast of the tune: “I just get a rush when I see your enemy in the club and realize he’s not in a position to reciprocate your energy.”

3. Drake thankfully isn’t going to let “Started From the Bottom” dictate a faux-struggle rap tone for the rest of the album. On that track, he delivered a sonically powerful but ultimately laughable play-by-play of rising up from “the bottom,” where there was — wait for it — “traffic on the way home” and a mom who was down to “argue every mornin.'” Here, he plays it a little straighter: “I find peace knowing that it’s harder in the streets, I know / Luckily I didn’t have to grow there /I would only go there cause there’s n—-s that I know there.”

4. The song samples Wu-Tang’s “It’s Yourz,” and Drake snags the lyrics “Machine gun raps for all my n—-s in the back / Stadium packed, just glad to see the city on the map” from Raekwon’s opening bars.

Seems like “Nothing Was the Same” won’t see the rapper leaving his core themes (feeling a certain way about sex and women, coming up, speaking to a certain demographic, singing) behind. And for his fans, that’s a good thing.

“Wu-Tang Forever” is available as an instant download for users who pre-order “Nothing Was the Same” on iTunes.

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