'Devious Maids' Finale: The Truth, Another Murder, And An Unexpected Arrest (VIDEO)

Despite receiving a second-season pick-up by Lifetime, “Devious Maids” still managed to solve the season-long mystery of who killed Flora in its first season finale. After his hitman accidentally shot his lawyer’s wife — killing her unborn child — Philippe Delatour’s guilt was revealed. His lawyer, Michael, was willing to risk his career to come clean about what he knew.

After finding out that Flora was carrying his grandchild and threatening to extort the family, Philippe killed her himself. He then framed Marisol’s son for the murder. Unfortunately, Marisol — who finally came clean to the rest of her friends — and the maids failed to get a confession on tape. And yet, this problem still went away.

Flora’s employer, Adrian, took matters into his own hand. After drugging Philippe, he told him, “You killed my maid, you son of a b*tch. Don’t you know how hard it is to find good help?” He then threw Philippe out the window and into the pool. Ironically, this murder may have mended Adrian’s relatioshp with his wife, Evelyn. The couple that kills together…?

It wasn’t a clean kill, and so the police were left with some lingering questions. But even that wasn’t the biggest problem. Spence’s wife Peri apparently called Immigration on Rosie. As Zap2It’s Jacqueline Cutler explained, “Peri had heard her husband Spence … proposing to Rosie and offering to adopt her son. Peri, who ties with Adrian for the show’s most devious character, was not about to let this happen. And that is a plot line that will have to lead off next season.”

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