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  1. Well, I agree that he is goodlooking, but don’t you think you are going a bit too far here?

  2. The ironic part is that 28,000 of the views are probably from cyber criminals. Not surprising though, almost everyone is a cyber criminal today.

  3. Now ive know this Way before the Cell phone has used in middle school.
    What i said,thought and feared has now come for reality..funny i know more then others do.

  4. Linux is open source but is almost uneffected by malware, whereas Windows isn’t and has loads of malware. The reason (I’d say) that Android is more vulnerable is because apps can access more of the device. Android users can avoid malware by verifying what they are installing and not sideloading from shady sources. If one just installs without thinking, of course they risk getting malware…

  5. I am amazed on this ad, very well done. I can’t help to notice though that this ad made it feel that iPhone is as vulnerable as Android devices. Android is open source and is very easy to inject malware in an Android, because of automated app approval and lack of security. iPhone, on the other hand, has played a more active role in preventing hackers and malware. There should be a diagram that displays the level of vulnerabilities for all OS’s.



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