CNN: Florida Zombie Attack Could Be Part Of A Trend

May 30, 2012 CNN

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  1. aw enforcement source said an autopsy did not reveal any human flesh in the stomach of Rudy Eugene, who was shot by police while chewing off the face of a homeless man on Miami’s busy MacArthur Causeway.

    The Herald reports that “a number” of undigested pills were found in Eugene’s stomach, but they have not yet been identified. Toxicology reports on Eugene, who according to CBS has been confirmed to have smoked marijuana in the hours before the attack, could take weeks to months to complete.

  2. after reading the top comments there was just recently that people have been making wired animal noises and they take bath salts. but how come they get worse and worse from the one drug bath salts? if you don’t under stand what i am saying pm me if you are interested in knowing.

  3. Well yeah it’s more sever than marijuana, but not much more than cocaine or heroin. It really would not take too much lab equipment other than glassware, remember it was first synthesized in the 30’s so the technology wasn’t near as advanced as it is now, other than that it would require an intermediate knowledge of organic chemistry. I was pointing out that it’s still around, and the sentences for trafficking are from the U.S.C. section 21 if I remember right.

  4. ya lookout!!! they climb buildings like in the movie i am legend lmao crawling up ceilings running 100 mph …

  5. Not on bath salts? The only logical explanation it could POSSIBLY be is zombies! Bro, it was most likely psychological. Or if you’re feeling religious, demon possession.

  6. Liars! He wasn’t on bath salts! Plus, even if he didn’t feel the pain, he’d still die just as quickly (“-_-) wouldn’t pass out, but he’d die.

  7. Bath salts is bull. To many cases of this crap happening around the world china usa so many cases like the latest one in china that went and chewed on a teenager. I think this is the work of some kind of a virus or something. I know that it is not drugs that is government talk. In my opinion be ready for anything who knows when the next attack might be. I got my gun ready just in case. 3 attacks in china so many in the usa who knows where this zombie like behavior is taking place.



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