Christina Charalambous ft. Luciano – Trend setter

New music by Christina Charalambous performing: Trend Setter with Dtone [Producer/writer], Luciano [Rapper], C.Charalambous [writer]. (C) 2009 Trend Setters …

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  1. 100% Trend setter, setting light to hearts, sparklin` eyes in moon light.
    Never phased, surfacing communicating on so many levels a dolphin would love me.
    Set me loose,Set me loose.
    Threading skin deep, readying up, leave thine closest speechless cause there is none like me.”hums” Cheers a Hobby lyricist.

  2. i digg this i was wondering if u did a cover of my roc frm beyounce i think u’d do a mean cover song aye keep it up and ill check ya laterz

  3. LOVE.THIS. yoo girll I’m mad jamminn
    can you hook me up witha download link for thiss. please – ac

  4. Hey Christina its Sophie 🙂
    We all had a listen, it is really good, your soon going to be on a red carpet 🙂
    Loving all the songs you sing !
    Cyaaa 😀 x



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