Cayman Laps Laguna Seca! – 2009 Best Drivers Car Competition

Ride along for a hot lap at Laguna Seca in Porsche’s mid-engined Cayman, as part of Motor Trend’s 2009 Best Driver’s Car competition. For the full story, che…

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  1. don’t dismiss the base cayman either… that lighter engine is the top of car that becomes a future classic!

  2. Hell yeah, my dad picked up a 2009 Cayman S and it’s amazing. Everyone wants them to make a GT3 version but Porsche will never do it because it would ruin the carrera sales lol

  3. Good point. I truly believe that Nissan 370Z and Cayman S can’t be in the same group. Because they are in two different market. for $30K you can have a brand new Z where as the Cayman it’s north of $80K once you select a few essential options. And I mean if people are willing to pay $80K for a Z then I am sure Nissan can make a car just as good if not better than the P-brand car. ie GTR. For the money I will spend on modifying the Z for $20K on suspension and engine. and call it a day

  4. Absolutely. But there are apparently a lot of YouTube warriors out here who think that a Cayman handles better than a GT3 RS, right out of the box. But, some cars do respond better than others to being built up to a higher level of speed. There is a chance that the Cayman platform might just lose its Cayman-ness if you built it up to 500hp. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it’s something to consider.

  5. Which is no different to how a standard 3.6 Carrera 911 would need suspension and tire work also, if you dropped a 4.0 RS motor in it also..

  6. The four seats thing is part of the reason for the rear-engine, but I think most of it is the 911-ness. Nothing feels like a 911, and even if it isn’t technically the best way, it’s still a fantastic experience that a lot of people prefer. And, you have to hand it to Porsche, they make the rear-engine work fantastically. People say that a Cayman would do just as well as a 911 if it had the power, but if you dropped a 4.0L RS motor in a Cayman, it’d need suspension and tire work badly.

  7. Last time I looked Porsches premier supercar the Carrera GT was mid engined, and the new 918 Hybrid is mid engined, and every single Lemans car they have ever made has been mid engined. Porsche know mid engined is the way forward, its just for every Porsche other than the 911. They realise the selling point of a useable supercar with 4 seats.

  8. @GTO19020 I have an 07 cayman s. I don’t see your point..the cayman weighs less, which is better, is faster which is better, is faster with over 100bhp less and over 100 lb torque less, and you thing that makes your big heavy and overpowered tank better…that’s why the porsche costs more..because it is better engineered.

  9. a 2 seater cayman Porsche that costs more, weighs less, and is only .9 sec faster than a cts-v and your asking me why im proud? Its a 2 seater Porsche vs a 4 door caddie, on a track no less!? Clearly you dont think much of Porsche.

  10. What are those things sticking out of the rear bumper, on each side of the licenceplate? The european version doesn’t have those 2 “humps”..

  11. its not that people cannot aford 911 – porsche cannot aford to biuld proper sport car (supercar) that whould be midengined becouse porsche brand is based on 911 marketing and history… I just wish porsche whould move forward

  12. I’m glad to seeing you agreeing with me but the Cayman is basically a 911 with the engine in the middle, so the 911 should be ditched to save money.

  13. I own a cayman S and when porsche offers a 380bhp Cayman I will upgrade my current one.
    Instead of the Cayman replacing the 911 I rather see the 911 redesigned as a mid engine. I like the fact you can get such a great little car with out spending 911 Money.



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